Will working on weekends be a problem for you?

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Interviewer: Since you are applying for the store manager position, I must ask this question. Will working on weekends be a problem for you?

Greg: No. Working on weekends will not be a problem for me. I know that the weekend is the busiest time for most retail stores. The manager of the store should be there during the busiest times.

Interviewer: That's good. Did you have to work weekends at your previous job?

Greg: Yes. As you can see on my resume, my last job was as the manager of an Italian restaurant. Our busiest times were nights and weekends. And I always made sure that I was working during the busiest periods to make sure that everything went smoothly.

Interviewer: Wonderful. We are looking for a manager who is hands-on and can run the store during our busy periods.

Greg: Well, I think I would be a great fit then.

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