Why should we hire you?

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Interviewer: Why should we hire you?

Kevin: You should hire me because I am a perfect fit for this position. I have the experience and the skills that you are looking for. On top of that, I am friendly, and I will bring a lot of energy and enthusiasm to your company.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about the experience that makes you a perfect fit for the position of quality assurance manager?

Kevin: At Bigtime Corporation, I was in charge of a team that was responsible for the quality of three different products. I held this position for 4 years. During my final year, we did not receive a single complaint from any customer regarding the quality of the products.

Interviewer: That is impressive.

Kevin: On top of that, I have created and can implement my own processes for quality assurance that will greatly benefit your company. I can make sure that the quality of your products remains consistently high and that your clients are never disappointed with your products.

Interviewer: That would be great.

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