Why do you like working in sales?

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Interviewer: Why do you like working in sales?

Kevin: I like working in sales because it is exciting and challenging. There are always tight deadlines and important things to do, so I never get bored working in sales. There are always meeting to go to or presentations to prepare. Also, I always need to improve and get better when I work in sales. If I sell less than I sold last year, my manager will probably be disappointed. So, I always have to challenge myself to get better.

Interviewer: Some people would say that those things are stressful. Do you feel any stress working in sales?

Kevin: Sure, but I don't think that stress is always a bad thing. For me, stress means that the work is not boring. I would rather have a stressful job than a boring job.

Interviewer: Well, it sounds like the sales industry is perfect for you.

Kevin: I agree.

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