Where do you think the company is headed in 5 years?

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Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?

Jon: Where do you think the company is heading in 5 years?

Interviewer: I think our company is going to do special things in the next five years. Right now, we are a middle-sized company in this industry, but we have been growing faster than any of our competitors. In the next five years, we plan to launch some new and exciting products, and I think that they will help us become a market leader.

Jon: That's very exciting. It sounds like it is a good time to join this company.

Interviewer: This is a great time to start working here. There are many chances to work on innovative new products and advance your career.

Jon: I will need some time to think about it before I commit, but I am definitely interested.

Interviewer: I'm glad to hear it.