When was a time that you disagreed with your manager?

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Interviewer: When was a time that you disagreed with your manager?

Abby: My last manager and I worked closely together on many projects, so there were quite a few times that we disagreed. One time, we were designing a new logo, slogan, and advertisement material for a rising clothing company. We had disagreements about many things on this project.

Interviewer: So, what did you do in that situation?

Abby: I prepared a document and a presentation that outlined what I thought we should do. Then, I showed the document and gave the presentation to my manager in order to persuade her.

Interviewer: Did it work?

Abby: It worked for some things. After reading my report and hearing my presentation, my manager and I discussed the points in detail. For some things, she changed her mind and decided to do what I suggested but for other things, she disagreed with my opinion. But I think that we did a great job on that project because we worked well together and shared our ideas openly.

Interviewer: That's great to hear. We like it when our employees can cooperate and work well with each other.

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