What were your responsibilities at your last job?

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Interviewer: What were your responsibilities at your last job?

Tina: As a store manager, I was in charge of making sure everything in the store was operating correctly. I supervised the employees to make sure everybody was working hard and staying on task. I interviewed and hired new staff when needed. I created the work schedule for the employees. And I was also in charge of finding new ways to improve the store's design, service, and efficiency.

Interviewer: You had a lot of responsibilities. Which one was the most difficult for you?

Tina: It might come as a surprise but making the employee schedule was the most difficult. It was impossible to make everybody happy. There were always times and days that people did not want to work.

Interviewer: How did you handle it?

Tina: I just tried to be as fair as possible, and if somebody had a problem with the schedule, then I just explained the situation honestly and directly. I told them that everybody had to work some shifts that they did not want to work. Most people understood and there were never any major problems.

Interviewer: I see. I think your management and leadership skills would be a good fit here.

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