What was your major?

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Interviewer: What was your major?

Abby: When I was an undergraduate student, I majored in communications at Rutgers University. After a few years of working, I went back to school and got my MBA from Boston University.

Interviewer: That is very impressive. Why did you decide to get a master's degree in business?

Abby: Well, after I graduated from Rutgers, I started working in the PR department of a large corporation. I liked the work environment and I decided that I wanted to become a manager. I thought that having an MBA would help me advance my career.

Interviewer: Did you work while you were getting your MBA?

Abby: During the first year, I took online courses and attended night school. But for the second year, I took a year off work to attend school full-time. It helped me finish the program faster and allowed me to focus solely on studying. I really enjoyed that time.

Interviewer: And then after finishing the MBA course, did you go back to the same company?

Abby: Yes, I did.

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