What was the greatest challenge at your last job?

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Interviewer: What was the greatest challenge at your last job?

Greg: The hardest part about working as an account manager was dealing with both the clients and the production team from my company. The clients always demanded that their products be shipped to them faster, but the production team always complained that they needed more time. As an account manager, I had to deal with both sides.

Interviewer: That sounds like a tricky problem. How did you deal with it?

Greg: I had to find a compromise. I would talk to both sides and I would listen to what they said, then I would try to find some middle ground that would be satisfactory for both sides.

Interviewer: How were you able to get both sides to listen to you?

Greg: I worked very hard to establish good relationships with the production team and with the clients. I think that making strong relationships is one of my strengths and it was a key reason why I was successful at my last job.

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