What questions do you have for me?

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Interviewer: Before we end the interview, what questions do you have for me?

Jon: There are a couple of questions that I would like to ask. First, what are the biggest challenges facing the logistics department right now?

Interviewer: Honestly, the logistics department is facing many tough challenges these days. Our company is growing quickly and that means more work and responsibilities for the logistics department. As our company grows we have more clients to ship to, more suppliers to order from, and more manufacturers to work with. These are all things that logistics needs to manage, so right now is a busy but exciting time for logistics.

Jon: And what would I be working on initially?

Interviewer: At first, you will be working on organizing and developing a system for shipping to our clients. We want you to create a system that improves our shipping time and accuracy.

Jon: I'm confident I can do that. Anyway, thank you again for the chance to interview. I appreciate it.

Interviewer: It was great meeting you. I will be in touch soon.