What professional strengths do you have?

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Interviewer: What professional strengths do you have?

Carly: I am very good at analyzing data. When I look at data, I can find trends and I am able to understand the reasons why those trends are happening. I think this is an essential skill for a marketing manager, and I think it is a major reason why I have been successful in this field.

Interviewer: What would this strength bring to our company?

Carly: Knowledge is power. I can identify short-term and long-term trends that affect your business greatly. I can find industry and consumer trends, and I can have a deep understanding of what is driving business. With this information, I can create the most effective marketing strategies that will help grow sales for the company.

Interviewer: Where did you learn to do this?

Carly: I learned how to analyze data when I attended university and at my first job, but I think I have a natural ability to find and understand the fundamental reasons why a trend is happening.

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