What other perks does the company offer?

How to Use

Interviewer: Do you have any questions for me?

Tina: Sure. Earlier you mentioned that the company provides free parking and free coffee to all of its employees. What other perks does the company offer?

Interviewer: This company has a lot of great perks. It is a major reason that people enjoy working here. There are two perks that are very popular with the staff. The first is the gym in the basement of the building that any staff member can use at any time. The second perk is that each employee gets $150 a month in personal development money.

Tina: What is personal development money?

Interviewer: The employee can use that money on anything that helps them improve themselves. So, they can use the money to take a language class or a yoga class. They can use it to buy books or attend a seminar.

Tina: That is an amazing perk.

Interviewer: I know. I use my money to take a painting class every Tuesday and Thursday evening.