What motivates you?

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Interviewer: What motivates you?

Kevin: Doing a good job and achieving my goals is what motivates me. I am a very results-driven person. I enjoy competition and I want to succeed.

Interviewer: How do you feel if you do not achieve your goal?

Kevin: Well, of course, I feel somewhat disappointed. But I also think that failure is a great way to learn. I try to think about why I did not achieve my goal and figure out a way to improve, so the same thing does not happen again.

Interviewer: Does your competitiveness ever affect your ability to work with your co-workers?

Kevin: Never. I like to compete, but I prefer to compete with my team members not against them. The best feeling is when my team succeeds and my company does well because of work that I was involved in.

Interviewer: That is good to hear.

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