What makes you uncomfortable in the workplace?

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Interviewer: What makes you uncomfortable in the workplace?

Kevin: Tension between two co-workers or tension between a co-worker and the manager makes me uncomfortable. This is because I usually have a good relationship with everybody that I work with, so when two people have a conflict I feel like I am in the middle of it. I want to support and help both people, so this kind of situation can be difficult.

Interviewer: Well, how do you usually deal with this kind of situation?

Kevin: I usually meet with each person privately and listen to how they feel. Once each person has calmed down a little bit, I usually recommend that they meet with each other, or I invite both of them out to dinner together.

Interviewer: Does that work?

Kevin: It usually works very well. However, there are situations when a relationship cannot be fully repaired. In these cases, you just need to make sure that their disagreement does not affect the work or the company. If they don't like each other, that is fine. But they need to act professionally.

Interviewer: That sounds reasonable to me.

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