What kind of person would be the ideal manager for you?

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Interviewer: What kind of person would be the ideal manager for you?

Tina: I think that the two most important qualities in a manger are decisiveness and communication. So, the ideal manager for me would be able to make decisions and would be able to communicate clearly and effectively to the staff.

Interviewer: Why do think these two things are the most important for a manager?

Tina: Well, if a manager cannot make decisions or has trouble making up their mind, then it is hard for the staff to complete their work. The staff will always have to wait for the manager to decide. Also, the staff might also have to worry about the manager changing their mind later.

Interviewer: I understand.

Tina: Also, communication between a manager and their subordinates is extremely important. If the manager is not able to communicate clearly and effectively, then this will lead to all sorts of problems. In my experience, these are the two most important traits that a manager should have, so my ideal manager would definitely have both.

Interviewer: I completely understand and agree with you.

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