What kind of people do you enjoy working with?

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Interviewer: What kind of people do you enjoy working with?

Carly: Personally, I enjoy working with friendly and outgoing people. They are fun to be around, so it makes working more enjoyable. And I think that if a person enjoys their work, then they work better.

Interviewer: I would agree with that. How do you feel about working with people who are not outgoing?

Carly: To be honest, it is not important to me. I understand that everybody is different, and I don't expect everybody to be exactly like I want them to be. It is only important that they are respectful. I can't stand working with rude people. In my opinion, there is never any reason to be rude to another person.

Interviewer: I agree. But how would you deal with a rude colleague?

Carly: First, I would try to kill them with kindness. In other words, I would be very nice to them and hopefully, they would change their behavior. If that did not work, then I would avoid them whenever possible and only talk to them when my job required it.

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