What is your management style?

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Interviewer: What is your management style?

Greg: I give my subordinates freedom to complete their work in whatever way they think is best. I try to avoid micromanaging them. I believe that micromanagement can cause staff members to feel stressed out and leads to poor results.

Interviewer: I see. What about if you have a subordinate who is consistently doing a poor job?

Greg: So, I prefer to give subordinates freedom to do their own work until they show that they cannot handle it. If an employee consistently produces poor work, then I will work more closely with that person to help them improve. After a while, I will start to give them more and more freedom.

Interviewer: Have you been in that situation before as a manager?

Greg: Yes, I have dealt with that kind of situation many times. Oftentimes, I had to do it with entry-level workers who had just graduated from university. Some of them were not ready to be given too much freedom and they needed more direction and help.

Interviewer: So, you give freedom and space to people who can handle it, and you try to teach the other people how to work independently.

Greg: Exactly.

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