What is the most recent movie you have seen?

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Interviewer: What is the most recent movie you have seen?

Jon: The last movie I saw was Black Panther. I saw it last Friday with my nephew. I usually don't like superhero movies, but Black Panther was unique and very entertaining.

Interviewer: Did you say that you went to the movie with your nephew?

Jon: Yes, he is my sister's son. I usually take him to the movie theater once a month. He is 13 years old, and I like spending time with him. Family is very important for me.

Interviewer: That's very nice of you. Are you close to the rest of your family?

Jon: Yes. My whole family lives here and we get together quite often for family dinners and parties. I like being close to them and spending time with them.

Interviewer: That sounds really nice. I live very far from my family, and it can be hard at times.

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