What is something that you cannot do well?

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Interviewer: What is something that you cannot do well?

Kevin: To be honest, I am not very good at design. For example, I am not good at creating logos, visual advertisements, or picking colors for something.

Interviewer: Does this affect your work since you are in marketing?

Kevin: No, it does not affect my work. My expertise is in creating the overall strategy, messaging, and writing for a marketing campaign. On a marketing team, there is usually a person who specializes in design, or the design work is outsourced to another company.

Interviewer: I see. Are you trying to get better at design?

Kevin: To be honest, I am not. I know that I will never be good at design, so I let the people who are experts in design handle that work. I think that recognizing your own weaknesses and limitations is very important.

Interviewer: I would agree with that. There is more than one way to contribute to a project.

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