What does success mean to you?

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Interviewer: What does success mean to you?

Tina: I measure success in different ways. At work, success is meeting the goals set by my manager or supervisors. After work, I do a variety of different activities. When I am doing a hobby or an activity, success means trying my best and having fun.

Interviewer: What kinds of activities do you do?

Tina: In my free time, I take a Spanish class. I have been learning Spanish for 2 years, and I think that I am starting to get pretty good. Also, I like to exercise and stay healthy.

Interviewer: Do you have goals when you study Spanish or exercise?

Tina: To be honest, I don't. If I tried my best, then I am satisfied with the results no matter what.

Interviewer: That makes sense to me. There is no reason to get angry about the results if you did everything you could.

Tina: Exactly.

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