What do you like the most about this company?

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Interviewer: Now, you can ask me some more questions if you'd like.

Jon: Yes, I have a question. What do you like most about working at this company?

Interviewer: I like the fact that our company produces medical products that help people all over the world. We are always developing new and innovative products that improve people's lives. Plus, the salary is good and there are a lot of extra perks.

Jon: What kind of perks?

Interviewer: Well, our company offers free snacks and coffee throughout the day. There is a gym in the basement if you want to exercise. Also, there is free parking if you have a car and there is a shuttle bus that goes through the city if you don't have a car.

Jon: Wow, those perks sound great.

Interviewer: This really is a good place to work. Do you have any other questions?

Jon: Yes, I have a few more questions.