What do you know about our product?

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Interviewer: What do you know about our product?

Bill: Of course, I know that your company is one of the market leaders in cybersecurity software. I know that many of the world's largest corporations use your software to keep their data safe.

Interviewer: That's right. And have you heard anything about what we are working on now?

Bill: I heard that you are creating new technology to create more secure databases. I don't know if this is true, but I heard that this technology would make it almost impossible for hackers to gain access to a database.

Interviewer: That's what we are trying to accomplish. Does this kind of project interest you?

Bill: Yes, it does and it is a big reason why I applied for this position. I have been working in cybersecurity for 5 years, and I have always been interested in creating new software to keep machines safe from viruses and hacking.

Interviewer: That's good to hear because that is what we do here. We focus on making better cyber defense software to help people protect their data and information.

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