What do you expect from your manager?

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Interviewer: What do you expect from your manager?

Abby: I expect my manager to be fair and treat me with respect.

Interviewer: Can you explain exactly what you mean by fair?

Abby: Sure. I expect the manager to divide the work fairly as well as give feedback and bonuses fairly. I don't like it when a manager plays favorites. If a manager treats one staff member better than the others, then it can ruin the team's spirit.

Interviewer: Has this happened to you before?

Abby: Yes. One of my previous managers was good friends with one of the subordinates. This caused many problems. The manager would not give his friend any hard work and would not tell his friend when he did a bad job. This affected the work greatly.

Interviewer: That sounds like a tough situation.

Abby: It was.

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