What do you consider your biggest weakness?

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Interviewer: What do you consider your biggest weakness?

Karen: I think that impatience is my biggest weakness. When colleagues do not finish their work on time, I can get a little annoyed and impatient.

Interviewer: Did this happen a lot at your last job?

Karen: It happened quite often. I am the kind of person who always finishes their work on time, but other people at my last job did not worry about deadlines very much.

Interviewer: How did you handle that kind of situation?

Karen: I just approached them in a friendly way and I explained that I was waiting for them to finish their work. I did not criticize them. I think it is important to avoid criticizing people because people often become defensive when you criticize them and it doesn't help the situation.

Interviewer: Did anyone ever get angry at you?

Karen: Never. If I ever felt like somebody was becoming upset or defensive, then I ended the conversation. After a while, they usually calmed down and came to talk to me.

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