What courses at university did you like the least?

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Interviewer: What courses at university did you like the least?

Karen: I would have to say that my least favorite courses were English classes.

Interviewer: And why is that?

Karen: I like speaking and practicing my English, but I hate reading English novels. Actually, I do not even like reading novels in my native language which is German.

Interviewer: So, you don't enjoy reading?

Karen: I like to read, but I prefer non-fiction books. But in English classes, we almost always had to read novels. On top of that, most of the novels were very old, so the English in the novels was a little strange to me.

Interviewer: I know what you mean. I am a native English speaker, but sometimes the English in those old novels is hard for me to read.

Karen: For me, Shakespeare was the worst.

Interviewer: I agree. I hated reading Shakespeare when I was in school.

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