What are your weaknesses?

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Interviewer: What are your weaknesses?

Sharon: I feel that my biggest weakness is not paying enough attention to detail. I enjoy creating overall strategies and plans. Sometimes, I am so focused on the big picture that I forget some details and this can affect the quality of the work.

Interviewer: How are you trying to improve this weakness?

Sharon: I think the best way to improve this weakness is to just be aware of it. I constantly remind myself to focus not only on the big issues but also on the details.

Interviewer: Is there any specific technique or method that you use?

Sharon: Yes. At the beginning of a project, I make a list of all the details that I need to check. And if I think of a new one during the project, I immediately add it to the list. This has helped me improve my attention to detail which has helped improve the overall quality of my projects.

Interviewer: That's a good method.

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