What are your interests?

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Interviewer: What are your interests?

Kevin: I am interested in many things, but I would say that my biggest interests are sports and psychology.

Interviewer: Psychology?

Kevin: Yes. That is one of the reasons that I am applying for this marketing position. I am fascinated by why people act in certain ways and why they make certain decisions.

Interviewer: Do you think this interest would help you in this position?

Kevin: Absolutely. If you can understand why a person makes a decision, then you can use that information to influence them. So, I think that psychology and marketing are connected.

Interviewer: That's very interesting. Can psychology also help you deal with your co-workers?

Kevin: It can, but I think it is harder because with a co-worker you are dealing with just one individual and every person has different traits and characteristics that make them unique.

Interviewer. I see. I wish we had more time to talk about his. It is very interesting.

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