What are your career goals?

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Interviewer: What are your career goals?

Bill: My career goal is to become a regional general manager in the foodservice industry. I know that this goal is ambitious, but I believe that I have the skills and drive to achieve this goal.

Interviewer: So, what are you doing to achieve this goal?

Bill: I do my best every day and I always try to get better. In order to achieve my career goal, I set other short-term goals to help me improve and keep me motivated.

Interviewer: What are your short-term goals?

Bill: I am currently the manager at a family restaurant and I have two goals for this year. First, I want to increase our customer's satisfaction by providing better service. Second, I want to find ways to cut costs without lowering the quality of our food.

Interviewer: Those are good goals. I think having short-term goals to help you achieve your long-term goal is a smart strategy.

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