What are you looking for in a new position?

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Interviewer: What are you looking for in a new position?

Sharon: I'm looking for a position that will allow me to work on the newest technology. I want to be involved in creating the next generation of consumer technology products. Also, I want to work in a place with many smart people who are all working together to come up with innovative ideas and solutions.

Interviewer: Is being in a leadership position important to you?

Sharon: That is not very important to me. I'm not afraid of being in a leadership position, and I can do it if necessary. However, the kind of projects that I am working on is much more important to me.

Interviewer: I see. Is there anything else that you are looking for?

Sharon: Yes. I also prefer a company that offers a flexible schedule. I like to take my daughter to school in the morning, so I prefer to start work at 10. However, this is not essential for me. If your company does not offer a flexible schedule, I would be able to adjust my own schedule.

Interviewer: Actually, we do offer a flexible start time for our employees. So, if you do work here, you would not need to worry about that.

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