What are the opportunities for advancement here?

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Interviewer: Do you have any questions before we conclude the interview?

Tina: I have one question. What are the opportunities for advancement here?

Interviewer: There are many opportunities for advancement here. As you know, we are a large multi-national corporation, so we have a complex and large corporate structure that allows our employees to continuously advance their career.

Tina: If I begin as a junior sales member, what will the next positions be?

Interviewer: A junior sales member becomes a senior sales member. And then they can be promoted to sales associate, assistant manager, manager, and executive. Also, if you work hard and perform well, it is possible to rise even higher within this company.

Tina: That sounds great to me. Thank you for answering my question.

Interviewer: No problem. I will call you this week to let you know.

Tina: I look forward to hearing from you.