Tell me about a time that you made a good decision.

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Interviewer: Tell me about a time that you made a good decision.

Abby: During my last project, we ran into a difficult problem. This was a high-priority project, so we needed to find a solution fast. I started researching solutions by searching the Internet, asking other managers, and talking to my contacts in the industry. After doing all of this I found the best solution. I made the decision to take my time and use every resource that I could think of, and in the end, it solved our problem.

Interviewer: It sounds like you were very thorough in your search for a solution.

Abby: I try to be thorough in everything I do. I would rather spend more time finding the best solution than making a decision quickly and choosing a satisfactory solution. It is important for me to produce excellent work and results.

Interviewer: That is great to hear because we always try to achieve excellence in everything we do.

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