Tell about a time that you made a mistake.

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Interviewer: Tell about a time you made a mistake.

Greg: Sure. One time, I was given a project by my manager. I thought I understood what I had to do, but there was one part that I was not completely sure about. But I decided not to ask my boss for clarification. After completing the project, my manager told me that I had done a part of the project incorrectly. And of course, it was the section that I had not been completely sure about. So, I had to go back and fix it. This mistake put our team three days behind schedule.

Interviewer: What did you learn from this situation?

Greg: I learned to ask for clarification if I am not completely sure about something. It is better to ask and be sure than to make a big mistake. And since then, I have never made the same mistake again. I think that one of my strengths is that I learn quickly from my past experiences.

Interviewer: That is good to hear. Mistakes can really help us learn and grow as people if we pay attention to them.

Greg: I completely agree with that.

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