May I contact your current manager?

How to Use

Interviewer: May I contact your current manager?

Bill: To be honest, I would prefer that you not contact my current manager at this time. My manager does not know that I am interviewing for another position.

Interviewer: Why haven't you told your manager?

Bill: The reason is that this is the only position that I am applying for. I like my current company but working here is my dream. If I do not get this job, then I want to remain at my current company. If people find out that I was interviewing at a different company, then they might get upset or feel betrayed.

Interviewer: I think I can avoid contacting them now, but if you become a finalist for the position, then I might need to contact them.

Bill: In that case, I would be fine with it. If I am a finalist for this position, then I have no problem with you contacting my current manager.

Interviewer: Okay. Great.