In your previous job, how often did you use English?

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Interviewer: In your previous job, how often did you use English?

Jon: To be honest, I did not use English a lot. Occasionally, I had to write an email in English or participate in a conference call in English.

Interviewer: Well, in this job, you will need to use English daily. Would you feel comfortable doing that?

Jon: Absolutely. I have been preparing for a position like this for years. I've been taking an English class every weekday for 2 years, and I study English on my own every day. One of the main reasons that I am applying for this job is that I want a chance to use my English skills in business.

Interviewer: I see. It seems like your English is perfect.

Jon: Thank you very much. I am happy to hear you say that because I have put a lot of time and effort into learning English.

Interviewer: So, what is your native language?

Jon: I grew up in Colombia, so my first language is Spanish, but I have been learning English since I was in elementary school. I also speak some Mandarin.

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