How would your family describe you?

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Interviewer: How would your family describe you?

Sharon: My family would say that I am generous, talkative, and goofy.

Interviewer: How does this compare with how you are at work?

Sharon: At work, I am still generous and a bit talkative, but I tend to be more serious. I think that the workplace requires more seriousness than when I am at home with my family or out with my friends.

Interviewer: Okay. And why would your family say that you are generous?

Sharon: I like to share. I think it is better to enjoy things with other people rather than alone. Also, making other people happy makes me happy too. This also applies to work as well.

Interviewer. That's great to hear. We try to create a family-like environment at our company. We want everyone to get along, help each other, and be generous.

Sharon: I would have no problem doing that.

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