How would you describe yourself?

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Interviewer: How would you describe yourself?

Greg: I would say that I am a very friendly person who is easy to work with, but I would say that I am not very talkative. I prefer to listen rather than speak.

Interviewer: How do you think that affects your relationships with co-workers?

Greg: I think it helps me create strong relationships with co-workers. My co-workers seem to like me because I listen to their ideas and feelings.

Interviewer: Would you feel comfortable leading a meeting or giving a sales presentation?

Greg: Of course. I said that I am quiet, but I am not shy. I feel comfortable talking with other people and speaking in public. I just think that it is very important to be a good listener.

Interviewer: I agree with that and I am glad to hear that you feel comfortable speaking in public because giving presentations is a big part of this position.

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