How do you stay healthy?

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Interviewer: How do you stay healthy?

Greg: I try my best to exercise at least three times a week and I try to avoid eating fast food or junk food.

Interviewer: It can be hard to avoid eating fast food or junk food, especially when you have to work long hours. How do you do it?

Greg: Every Sunday, I prepare a lot of healthy food and snacks for that week. It saves me a lot of time during the week and makes it easier to eat well.

Interviewer: That is a really good idea. I should do that too. You also mentioned you try to exercise. What kind of exercise do you do?

Greg: Well, I hate going to gym, so I try to find some activity that is more fun. I play soccer with my friends and go on hikes on the weekend. During the week, I don't have as much time to exercise, so I usually just take walks with my girlfriend in the evening.

Interviewer: I understand. It can be hard to find the time to exercise during the week.

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