How do you feel about overtime?

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Interviewer: How do you feel about overtime?

Tina: I have worked as an account manager in this industry for over 7 years. So needless to say, I have worked overtime a lot. Personally, I don't have a problem working overtime. It is part of the job and I will do whatever it takes to succeed.

Interviewer: That's great to hear. Can you tell me how often you worked overtime at your previous company?

Tina: To be honest, it is hard to say. It depended on many factors. There were some months that I worked overtime every single day. But on the other hand, there were months that I didn't work overtime once.

Interviewer: Did it bother you to work overtime every day for a month?

Tina: It was tiring, but I was fine with it. We had to work overtime for a reason. We had to complete our project. I don't mind working overtime if there is a good reason.

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