How do you explain the fact that you frequently change jobs?

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Interviewer: How do you explain the fact that you frequently change jobs?

Greg: It is true that I have changed jobs quite often during my career. But most of those changes happened at the beginning of my career. When I was just starting my career, I was not exactly sure what I wanted to do with my life. So, I ended up changing companies a few times.

Interviewer: And what about now?

Greg: Now, I know that working in human resources is the best fit for me. So, if I get this job, I plan on staying at the company for a long time. Also, if you look at my resume, you will see that I stayed at my previous company for over 3 years. At this point in my career, I want to settle down at one company.

Interviewer: Then why are you leaving your current company?

Greg: The company where I currently work is a small company. It has been my goal to work in the human resources department of a multinational corporation.

Interviewer: I understand. It is important for us that the people we hire plan to stay at the company for an extended period of time.

Greg: I understand and I can assure you that if I get this job, I will stay for a long time.

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