Have you ever been let go from a job?

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Interviewer: Have you ever been let go from a job?

Kevin: Yes, I have been laid off from a job. I was laid off from the second company that I worked at after working there for 3 years.

Interviewer: Can you tell me what happened?

Kevin: The company I worked for was bought by another company. The two companies merged together, so there were a lot of redundancies. The company offered to keep me, but they wanted me to take a 20% salary cut. I refused to take the salary cut, and I was let go.

Interviewer: So, you weren't let go for your performance or any disciplinary issues?

Kevin: No, I was not. My manager helped me find a new job and I still speak with him to this day. It was just one of those situations that couldn't be avoided.

Interviewer: I completely understand.

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