Have you ever been fired?

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Interviewer: Have you ever been fired?

Karen: To be perfectly honest, yes, I have.

Interviewer: Can you tell me about what happened?

Karen: At my previous job, I had trouble working with my manager. My manager constantly micromanaged the staff and if any staff member made a mistake he would yell at them in front of everyone. One time, he started yelling at me and insulting my work, and I told him honestly that I didn't think it was my fault. Later, he told me that if I argued with him again in front of other people that he would fire me.

Interviewer: So, what happened?

Karen: The next time he got angry with me, I argued with him again. I felt like he was a bully and that I needed to stand up to him.

Interviewer: Do you regret how you handled the situation?

Karen: Not at all. I refuse to be treated that way. Actually, after I was fired, 3 other staff members ended up quitting because they realized it was not a healthy work environment.

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