During university, how did you spend your vacations?

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Interviewer: During university, how did you spend your vacations?

Bill: I worked every vacation in order to have enough money for the next semester.

Interviewer: Where did you work?

Bill: I worked at a restaurant in my hometown as a dishwasher.

Interviewer: That sounds like hard work.

Bill: It was hard, but I think that job taught me a lot of useful lessons. It showed me how hard it is to make money in this world. It also gave me the motivation to study harder because I knew that I did not want to wash dishes my whole life.

Interviewer: And what did you do when you weren't working?

Bill: I would either see my old friends from high school or I would prepare for my next semester's classes. I always bought the textbooks early, so I could prepare.

Interviewer: That must be why you got such great scores in university.

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