Do you work well with other people?

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Interviewer: Do you work well with other people?

Abby: Yes, I do. I think that working with people is one my biggest strengths. I am good at working with both colleagues and clients.

Interviewer: How has this helped you in your career?

Abby: First, it has helped me build strong relationships with my colleagues. When colleagues work well together, they often produce better results. For me, this has been the case. Second, I have been able to build solid and long-lasting relationships with clients. These clients have stayed with me for a long time and they have even recommended me to their friends and business contacts.

Interviewer: That's great. Why do you think you work so well with other people?

Abby: Honestly, I do not do anything special. I just try to be friendly and a good listener. People seem to like that.

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