Do you like working by yourself or on a team?

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Interviewer: Do you like working by yourself or on a team?

Mark: I prefer to work on a team, but I feel comfortable doing both.

Interviewer: Why do you prefer working on a team?

Mark: Personally, it is more enjoyable to work on a team. Working with other people can help us create better ideas and it makes completing a project easier because team members can support each other.

Interviewer: That's true.

Mark: Also, when you work by yourself and are successful, it is great, but there is nobody to celebrate with. When you work on a team, you have a team spirit. When things are bad, you can support and encourage each other, and when things are good, team members can celebrate and feel proud together.

Interviewer: That is good to hear because most of the time our employees need to work on teams to complete projects.

Mark: Well, that would be great for me. I know I can contribute to any team that I join.

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