Describe your dream job.

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Interviewer: Describe your dream job.

Carly: My dream job is to be the general manager of a 5-star hotel. I love working in the hotel industry because I have the chance to give people special memories and help them enjoy their lives. If I were the general manager, then I could help improve the hotel in many ways.

Interviewer: What do you think are the most important factors in creating an excellent hotel experience for the guests?

Carly: There are many things that can make a hotel special, but I focus on three main things - service, cleanliness, and design. First, it is important to provide excellent and friendly service to make the customers feel at home. Second, the hotel must be pristine. If it is not clean, then nothing else matters. Third, the design changes how people feel about the hotel, and it affects their first impression. Therefore, it is extremely important.

Interviewer: I see that you have thought about this a lot.

Carly: Yes. I am very passionate about this. Like I said, I really enjoy working in this industry and I am focused on improving any hotel that I work at.

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