Are you willing to relocate?

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Interviewer: Are you willing to relocate?

Carly: Of course, it depends on where I would need to go and what position I would be filling, but I am very open to relocating. Especially, if it is what is best for both the company and myself.

Interviewer: We usually like our talented young engineers to spend about 2 years working in a branch office before they become managers. We have branch offices in Malaysia, Brazil, Argentina, Kenya, and Australia. How would you feel about working in any of those countries?

Carly: I would have no problem working in any of those countries. Especially, if working at one helps me become a manager.

Interviewer: I'm glad to hear that. Most of our engineers, who work abroad for a period of time, talk about their experiences in a very positive way.

Carly: I can understand, and I would be open to that kind of opportunity.

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