Are you an organized person?

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Interviewer: Are you an organized person?

Carly: Actually, I am both organized and unorganized. At work, I am very organized because I know that being organized is important to do a good job. But at home, I am not very organized. In my home, I don't really mind if things are a little messy or out of place.

Interviewer: So, what are some ways that you are organized at work?

Carly: Well, I put all of my meetings, deadlines, and other events in my calendar. As soon as I get a new task or set up a meeting, the first thing I do is put it in my calendar.

Interviewer: That's a good habit to have.

Carly: Also, I like to make a list every morning to figure out what I need to accomplish that day. I think that this helps me be more productive throughout the day.

Interviewer: Do you keep your desk neat?

Carly: Some people might think my desk looks messy, but there is a system.

Interviewer: Don't feel bad about that. I am the same way.

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