Do Not Talk Too Much or Too Little

Most of us understand that it is not a good idea to give one-word answers during an interview. We need to be specific, give examples, and explain our thoughts or actions. However, it is also important that we avoid talking too much.

If we talk too much, it can make us seem unsure, unprofessional, or unprepared. We should be able to answer the questions in detail while still being concise. Also, we do not want the interviewer to become bored and lose interest.

Preparing and practicing before an interview can help you avoid talking too much or too little. If you practice your stories and answers, then you can decide which details, facts, and figures to include and which can be left out.

Vocabulary from the Article

1. to give a one-word answer: to answer a question with one word

  • He doesn’t talk a lot. Every time I ask him a question he gives me a one-word answer.
  • My teenage son gives one-word answers to all the questions that my wife or I ask him.

2. to be concise: to give a lot of information clearly and in few words

  • This report is concise.
  • Try to be concise when answering questions at a job interview.

3. figures: numbers

  • Have you seen the new sales figures?
  • What does this figure show?